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Subject: 85302 Interdisciplinary Lab B
Lecturer: Alexandra Crosby

Title Author Format Citation
Making sense of intercultural collaboration Bird, A. and Osland, J.S. Link Citation
Introduction Blanciak, Francois PDF (253 kB) Citation
Dubbing culture: Indonesian gay and lesbi subjectivities and ethnography in an already globalized world Boellstorff, T. PDF (2.5 MB) Citation
Ethnolocality Boellstorff, T. Link Citation
A skeleton account of SSM (chapter 1) Checkland, P. and Poulter, J. PDF (638 kB) Citation
Remixing environmentalism in Blora, Central Java 2005-10 Crosby, Alexandra Link Citation
Ruangrupa: mapping a collective biography Crosby, Alexandra PDF (338 kB) Citation
My good-looking, bad-luck husband, and The uncles De Faoite, Marc PDF (942 kB) Citation
Themes as bridges between problem and solution Dorst, K. and Tomkin, D. PDF (352 kB) Citation
The right to the city Harvey, David PDF (71 kB) Citation
Lucas Ihlein: Environmental Audit Ihlein, L. and Barkley, G. PDF (341 kB) Citation
Global design activism survey Kaygan, H. and Julier, G. Link Citation
The Malaysian book of the undead (extracts) Lim, Danny PDF (569 kB) Citation
Global fashion, remixed: Indie designers rework commercial iconography - and the business of clothing production Luvaas, B. Link Citation
Why are the design and development of public spaces significant for cities? Madanipour, A. PDF (869 kB) Citation
Introduction: Indonesia revisited ; Nusantara (chapter 1) McDonald, Hamish PDF (1.0 MB) Citation
Video links from prison: permeability and the carceral world McKay, Carolyn Link Citation
Tempo excerpts Mohamad, G., trans. J. Lindsay PDF (533 kB) Citation
TransLocalAct: Cultural practices within and across Rhyzom project Link Citation
Distributed courts and legitimacy: what do we lose when we lose the courthouse? Rowden, Emma Link Citation
Introduction: More about less Sadler, Simon PDF (3.3 MB) Citation
Cities [Section One - Flow] Sheppard, E. and Lynn, W.S. PDF (1.0 MB) Citation
Towards an anticipatory urban politics: notes from the North of Jakarta Simone, AbdouMaliq PDF (3.0 MB) Citation
DIY urbanism - Sydney reconsidered Taylor, J. PDF (387 kB) Citation
A new visual aid for designing Tomkin, D. and Watson, R. PDF (1.3 MB) Citation
Reflective practice in the civil society: the contribution of critically systemic thinking Ulrich, W. Link Citation
Designing for the deepest needs of both public service consumers and providers: Innovation in mental health crisis response van der Bijl-Brouwer, M. and Watson, R. Link Citation