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Subject: 85302 Interdisciplinary Lab B
Lecturer: Alexandra Crosby

Title Author Format Citation
Thin skin : the fickle nature of bubbles, spheres and inflatable structures Clausen, B. and Kuoni, C. PDF (3.4 MB) Citation
On pneumatic apparitions (Chapter 1) Dessauce, M. PDF (1.6 MB) Citation
Making the geologic now: Introduction [an interactive website] Ellsworth, E. & Kruse, J. Link Citation
Design as a redirective practice (chapter 4) Fry, Tony PDF (603 kB) Citation
"Spaceship Earth": Envisioning Human Habitats in the Environmental Age Hohler, Sabine H. Link Citation
Culture on the ground: The world perceived through the feet Ingold, Tim Link Citation
Introduction: material preference and design activism Julier, G. Link Citation
Global design activism survey Kaygan, H. and Julier, G. Link Citation
Photosynthetic mattering: rooting into the Planthroposcene Myers, Natasha PDF (646 kB) Citation
What is a system? (chapter 1) O'Connor, J. and McDermott, I. PDF (1.7 MB) Citation
Environmental art and the production of publics: responding to environmental change Potter, E. Link Citation
Cities Sheppard, E. and Lynn, W.S. PDF (1.0 MB) Citation
Ecological Urbanism: A Framework for the Design of Resilient Cities (chapter 44) Spirn, Anne Whiston Link Citation
Inflatable infatuation (Chapter 1) Topham, S. PDF (2.9 MB) Citation
Unruly Edges: Mushrooms as Companion Species: For Donna Haraway Tsing, Anna Link Citation